Topics in the area of combining dictionary learning / sparse coding with video coding Jens Schneider M.Sc.

The field of dictionary learning and sparse coding has raised more and more interest in the last years. State of the art results for various problems of signal processing were obtained by these methods. More precisely, dictionary learning shows good performance for denoising, inpainting and super-resolution. Therefore, it is assumed that dictionary learning / sparse coding methods can also be used for compression of video content. In possible thesis work it will be investigated how sparse coding methods can be introduced into the well known hybrid video coding scheme consisting of intra prediction, inter prediction and residual coding.

Possible topics in this area lie in the field of:

  • Dictionary learning / sparse coding for intra prediction in video coding
  • Dictionary learning / sparse coding for dynamic resolution conversion coding
  • Optimization of sparse coding algorithms

Every thesis will require implementations in MATLAB or C++. Therefore, a high motivation and interest for software programming is recommended.