Arbeitsgruppe Bild- und Videoinhlatsanalyse 1999

Image and Videoanalysis Group

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>> Bernd Menser and Michael Brünig. Segmentation of human faces in color images using connected operators. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Image Processing ICIP '99, volume 3, pages 632-636, Kobe, Japan, October 1999.  
>> Bernd Menser and Frank Müller. Face detection in color images using principal components analysis. In Proc. Seventh International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications IPA'99, volume 2, pages 620-624, Manchester, UK, July 1999. 
>> B. Menser, F. Müller, Face Detection in Color Images using Principal Components Analysis.7. Intl. Conf. on Image Processing and is Applications, Manchester, UK, July 1999, Proc. No.465, p.620-624