Institute`s Library on Communications Engineering

Purpose of the Library

The library is meant for presence use only. Rentals are restricted to the special cases listed in 'Rentals'.


Usage of the library is restricted to employees of the institute as well as all matriculated students of RWTH Aachen University. For everyone else approval by the head of the institute or his representative is needed.

Opening Hours

Accessible from Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 12pm and from 2pm - 4pm. Entry through the secretariat (Room 21).

Finding Books

Books can be found either through the Sachgebietsschlüssel and Lageplan or by using the 'Verfasserkartei'.

Further all books are listed online in KatalogPlus of the RWTH library (Inst.-Sigel 508).


Rental of books, journals and other documents is only allowed to full-time employees of the institute. Empty slots of rented books need to be marked with a rental slip. Supervisors of student theses can rent out books to students upon receipt. Books and Journals shall not be kept on permanent rental and shall be available at the institute at most times. Current Journals shall be available at the intended stands during regular hours. If help is needed please contact the secretariat.