Research - Video Coding

In the area of video coding, we are working on algorithms for efficient compression of video data. Besides the appropriate representation of the content, the focus also lies on a practical application (e.g. scalability). Our work is closely related to the standardization efforts for video coding algorithms in Joint Video Experts Team (JVET), the ITU-T Visual Coding Experts Group (VCEG), and the ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG). We take active part in this standardization process by numerous contributions. The following section gives a short introduction to the main areas of research at the institute.

New Compression Algorithms

The standardization of video compression has two main objectives: Increasing the compression efficiency on the one hand and reducing the computational complexity on the other hand. In general, these two goals cannot be achieved simultaneously since higher compression efficiency usually results in increased complexity.

For a new algorithmic approach, we normally aim for the maximum performance regarding the achievable quality to bit rate ratio. In a second step, the necessary complexity is then reduced by applicable simplifications.


The institute's video coding group consists of Maria Meyer M.Sc..

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