Seminar Selected Topics in Communications Engineering

This seminar covers advances in communication technology and information transmission. It is jointly organized by the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik and the Institut für Kommunikationssysteme. The seminar focuses on recent results of scientific research and on actual system realization as well as applications.

The participating students prepare selected topics for an oral presentation of about 30 min.

The number of participants is in the range of 10-16 students. The students can give their presentation talks either in English or in German. Slides are to be prepared in English.

Apart from the scientific and technical topics, the seminar also emphasizes presentation skills.

These are addressed in a Presentation Workshop which is held early in the semester. This workshop also provides an introduction into the technical topics of the seminar. The learned presentation skills shall be trained and consolidated in the talks given at the Seminar.

Further information on the seminar: RWTHonline



Participants need fundamental knowledge in information & communication technology, from lectures like „Advanced Topics in Signal Processing and Communication“, “Information Theory and Source Coding”, “Digital Speech Processing”, or “Multimedia Communication Systems“.