Reference Picture Synthesis for Video Sequences Captured with a Monocular Moving Camera

H. B. Golestani, Christian Rohlfing, J.-R. Ohm

To be presented at the 2019 IEEE International Conference Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP 2019), 1-4 December 2019, Sydney, Australia.
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Inter-frame prediction plays an important role in video coding by predicting the current frame from previously encoded pictures, called reference pictures. In the case of camera motion, the content of a current frame could be very different from its reference pictures and may consequently lead to a more difficult motion compensation. The main idea of this paper is to process the input 2D video sequence in order to estimate the 3D geometry of the scene and then employ this data to virtually synthesize “geometrically compensated” reference pictures. Since these virtual reference pictures are more similar to the current frame, motion estimation and consequently coding efficiency could be enhanced. The proposed method is tested over six different video sequences and around 11% bitrate reduction is achieved compared to the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard.

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Supplementary Material

Sequences, 3D Models, Point Clouds and BD-PSNRs

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